Latinos Consuming More News in English According to Pew Research

According to the Pew Research Hispanic Center, the percentage of Hispanic adults consuming their news in English is growing, as consumption of news in Spanish has declined in recent years.  Hispanics who said they got some of their news in English went up to 82% from 78% in 2006, and those who get some in Spanish went down to 68% from 78% in 2006.  

Of those exclusively getting their news in English, the percentage went up to 32% from 22% in 2006, and of those reading only Spanish language news, it went down 18% from 22%.  News outlets measured included TV, print, radio, and digital. 

Here are some possible reasons for these trends:
  • Slow down of immigration
  • Longer time residing in US
  • More Latinos speaking English well
  • US born Latinos on the rise
So does this mean Spanish Language Media is dead?  Not so fast.  The Pew Hispanic Research Center says that although there is more consumption in English, there is a greater chance that consumption will rise due to the increase of the Hispanic population and the belief that Spanish language media is seen as doing a better job covering the news relevant to Hispanics.  For more details check full report.


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